Team members:

–Art and Game Design: Yingyan Li. (Great Artist and Game Designer!)

–Programming and Game Design: Xiaoxiao Ma (That is Me!)

–Programming and Assets Integration: Ahmed Ahres (Helped a lot for the progress)
Music and Sound Effects by Eric Matyas

Junction 2016 Project

Steps to pass the game.

**Don't read it before you play!!!!**

**Don't read it before you play!!!!**

**Don't read it before you play!!!!**

**You need to find 8 tentacles and take them to the Cthulhu**

1. There is a hidden tentacle behind a rock. Drag it up multiple times to get it.
2. Click on the boxes. Find the box with a ghost on it. double click on it to find the tentacle.
3. use a small rock to hit on the wall 3 times. A box will show up. Click on the ward to get it. Use the ward to burn the box. Before it is burned up, use a water bottle to put out the fire and get the tentacle.
4. Use the ward in the darkness to see where the tentacle is.
5. use the ash from the burned box on the big monster to get it.
6. Feed the Cthulhu 4 fish. It will grow a tentacle itself.
7. A poop appear after you feed the Cthulhu. use it on the seagrass to the left. Then go up, drag the ship down twice. A ghost captain appears. Click on the tentacle on that captain.
8. Drag the 7th tentacle on Cthulhu several times, it will fall apart. Take it to the person to the most right. A new tentacle shows up and take both of them back to Cthulhu.

Made withUnity
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

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