A downloadable game for macOS

This is a game jam game made within one a a half weeks day time using a group of 7. I Coded the character animation, movement, and audio synchronizing/audio based animation. 


Is this how life begins?
It's so dark here, cold and quiet.
Only the ocean hums all around.
But even in these deeps, there is a steady pulse, 
more felt than heard: a heartbeat. 
Closer by, you can make out another sound, 
followed by another, and another: a tune.
How do you make a song? 
It's nothing but lone sounds joined together. 
Nothing but, and much more.
This is how life begins: in light, in music.

A game of connection and harmony

Juhani Halkomaki/Matias Harju/Veera Hokkanen/Veera Krouglov/Xiaoxiao Ma/Yuanqi Shan/Helena Sorva


UnisonMacAlpha3.0.app.zip 39 MB