A downloadable game

A Student project of Aalto University 2016 Game Project course.

What is under the ocean? Mirrors, light fishes, and plants.
Light up the plants to save the creature under the water, and reveal the secret of the deep sea.

Well designed puzzles with interesting and difficult puzzles. Only the smartest person will be able to see the end and save the world.

Are you one of them?


Xiaoxiao Ma(Programming and Level Design)
Yinyan Li(Concept Art and UI)
Fei Wang(3D Art and Level design)
Essi Jukkala(Level Design)
Mikko Kolehmainen(Audio)
Niko Huttunen(Audio)
Aliak Barmehta, Uzair Amjad(others)

Developed with Unity.
Plugin used: Fungus.
Sound integration: Wwise

Available on